• Cathy Bishop

Joint Friendly Tips

It is going to happen. As we get older, or as a result from a youth injury, joint pain creeps in to our lives. Here are a few tips to help manage joint issues.

1. Warm up before you exercise - It will get your mind and body ready for the activity you are about to perform. Skipping your pre-workout warm up can lead to increased joint pain.

2. Mix up your wellness routines and exercise - Do not relegate yourself to one specific routine day after day and week after week. The same things over and over can lead to repetitive joint and muscle issues. For example, if you are working out three days a week, you can resistance train on Mondays and Wednesdays then use Friday for cardio training.

3. Love your joints - try joint-friendly exercises such as yoga, Pilates, walking and cycling. It's easy to incorporate these activities when you mix up your workouts as in example 2. Pick activities that you love and offer low impact options.

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