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Miss Fit is pleased to kick off our new Blog. This will contain information on exercise, diet, personal training, self defense, and coaching tips.

First and foremost, MAKE YOURSELF A PRIORITY IN YOUR LIFE! Write it in your planner, set an alarm on your phone to remind you, or write it on your bathroom mirror. Your health is your greatest asset! You can spare an hour a day just for your wellbeing. It is time!


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Political Free Zone

We are all hearing so much about politics lately. It can be both frustrating and overwhelming. Miss Fit has, from the first day of business, opted to keep politics out of the gym. It is proudly Ite

You Deserve This

Just a gentle reminder... You deserve to feel good about yourself. You deserve to take time out of each day just for your own well-being. You deserve good health. You deserve a strong body. You deserv

Which diet is best for me?

It's so easy to be enticed by different diet trends claiming to be the best choice. The information out there can be overwhelming. Should I become vegetarian? Should I try Keto or Paleo? What abou


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