• Cathy Bishop

Surviving the Holidays

This time of year is a little crazy for everyone. My best advise is to keep your body moving and watch what foods you are eating.

Exercising is key! Keep your energy levels up and body strong. Make time to walk, strength train, and get the heart beating. Beat holiday stress with stretching and self-care. It's a great time for some yoga. Set aside an hour each day just for yourself. You can do this! Park as far as possible from your shopping destination and get those steps in. Stairs instead of elevators or escalators.

Keep the water going. Even though it is cooler outside and there are lots of high calorie options, the water is necessary. Do not dehydrate! Stick to eight (8) glasses every single day.

Everything that goes in your mouth is a choice. Focus on high nutrient values and raw foods whenever possible. Give your body the fuel it needs to do all the things that need to be accomplished. It's okay to have a goodie once in a while; just don't make it a staple of your diet. Treat your sweet tooth in small doses. Remember to get your fiber too.

Check in with yourself several times throughout the day. Am I getting my fruits and veggies? When was my last drink of water? How many steps do I have in today? Set reminders and alarms on your cell phone to remind you.

One step at a time and you can handle this. Go, You!



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