• Cathy Bishop

Which diet is best for me?

It's so easy to be enticed by different diet trends claiming to be the best choice. The information out there can be overwhelming. Should I become vegetarian? Should I try Keto or Paleo? What about those frozen meals that are delivered to my door? Am I supposed to have carbs or not? How much protein should I be having each day?

Where do I start and where will it all end?

Let's start at the top!

Stop dieting! Just don't do it! The word alone implies deprivation, hunger, a start and an end. Let's focus on being HEALTHY and making good choices for ourselves! It's a LIFESTYLE!

I firmly believe that there are a few key items to focus on.

1. AVOID PROCESSED FOODS. If it comes from a can or a box, avoid it. Go for real produce and products. Stick to the outside isles and sections in your grocery store and stay away from the center isles full of pre-packaged foods.

2. GET RID OF UNHEALTHY COOKING OILS. Go for Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Coconut Oil, and/or Avocado Oil. What the heck is a Canola, anyway? Pssssstt…...It's not food!

3. MAKE YOUR PLATE AS COLORFUL AS POSSIBLE. Toss in fresh raw (or steamed) vegies. Add some apple slices or grapes. Be an artist with your palette!

4. MEAL PLANNING WORKS! For many years I played the dinner roulette game by telling myself "I will just cook whatever I have in the fridge for dinner." Then I jumped on the 30 minute meal plan and used prepared items to speed up the cooking process. It was all fun and games until the pounds creeped up on me. These days, I pick out the cutest meal prep containers and can be ready for the entire week with some planning and a few weekend hours. It's worth it!

You know what your favorite foods are. You know what your taste buds crave. Don't deny yourself all things "yummy." Look to improve the nutrient value of those favorite items and enjoy them on occasion rather than every day.

It's not about depriving yourself! It's about improving yourself!


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