• Cathy Bishop

Winter Workouts

It is really easy to skip your workout when the weather is bad and the snow is coming down. It's almost as if we are "off duty" when the school closes for the day. I hear you. Slippers, daytime tv and a good book are calling your name and it seems perfect to curl up on the couch.

However, know that this is not what your body needs. You don't have to sacrifice your daily workouts just because you are snowed in. It's as easy as 14 minutes of resistance followed by 14 minutes of aerobic.

What? You don't have a fully equipped gym in your house? No worries! You are covered! You can use soup cans, filled water bottles, milk jugs, your cat, or whatever, to work those arms, biceps and triceps. Find your place on the floor and do leg-lifts, squats, and planks. Ta da! Resistance training on deck! No treadmill, elliptical, or running track? No problem! You can jog in place, walk around your house, jump rope, or jumping jacks.

Excuses are just excuses. They will never burn calories for you. They will never make you stronger or healthier. You can put in a half hour for yourself and reap the benefits. You never regret a workout. It can be "light duty" and still benefit you.

Promise yourself to do something good for yourself every day. You deserve it!


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